3 Plumbing Issues to Look at Before Winter Hits

Different seasons bring different challenges to your home. Summer means keeping your garden at its healthiest, fall means it’s time to pack summer away and take care of the house, and winter means your home’s plumbing is about to face come unique challenges. So as a homeowner, what can you do to help your home’s plumbing make it through the dead of winter? Let’s look at some ways you can take care of your home’s cleaning this cold season.

3 Plumbing Issues to Look at Before Winter

Protect Your Pipes from Freezing

Freezing pipes can burst, crack, and create a nightmare for homeowner’s. To prevent this, you need to keep your home’s pipes from freezing in the first place. You can utilize insulation for pipes that are regularly subjected to freezing temperatures to avoid this accident.

You should also regularly run water through different pipes and fixtures if the weather outside happens to be brutally cold. If you are going out of town, open up cabinets and other areas where your plumbing resides to help keep those pipes warm.

Fix Any Leaks Now

The freezing and thawing of winter will do a number on your plumbing, especially if you already have a leak. Always inspect your home’s plumbing around Halloween to make sure you aren’t up against any small leaks that could turn into big problems. If you happen to find a leak, get it fixed by a reputable plumber before the temperature starts to really drop.

Bring In and Shut Off Any Outdoor Plumbing Fixtures

If there are any interior valves that lead to outside plumbing, you need to have them shut off before winter. Shut off any valves that lead to the outside and make sure they are completely drained. Pack up and store away all outdoor plumbing equipment such as garden hoses or sprinklers. Do not get lazy and leave your hose tied on during the winter unless you want to replace the hose, the plumbing fixture it’s attached to, and maybe more.

By protecting your pipes from freezing, getting any leaks addressed, and cutting off exterior plumbing, your home’s plumbing will be ready for winter. For a thorough check before the cold comes, call on a local plumber to give your home the once over and give the thumbs up to its health for winter.

Special thanks for this expert advice from our friends at My Denver Plumber.